Fun for everyone!

This is what gaming on the Wii™ console is all about. Wii Sports™ offers five distinct sports experiences, each using the Wii Remote™ controller to provide a natural and realistic feel. To play the Wii Sports game, all you need to do is pick up a controller and get ready for the pitch, serve or that right hook. If you've played any of these sports before, you're ready for fun!

ESRB Rating: E - Mild Violence

Wii Sports Club™

Play your favorite Wii Sports games on the Wii U console! With Wii Sports Club, you can now take tennis, bowling, baseball, golf, and boxing competitions online*. Join a club, compete against other clubs from around your region, or play online multiplayer with your friends. You can also use all-new training modes to improve your skills and support your club.

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*Broadband Internet access required for online features. For more info, go to

Iwata Asks

Learn more about Wii Sports and the Wii console by reading this series of developer interviews.

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